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Inspired by customs passed on for generations, the unique fragrances of Scandinavia take you on journeys of good habit and joys found in daily routines, of home gardening rituals that’s therapeutic.


Your Hand Pamper Routine

Taking care of your hands is crucial for maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin, especially since our hands are exposed to many external factors that can lead to dryness, irritation, and even premature aging.


VANA, made in Scandinavia

At VANA, we are committed to creating a world of wellness and harmony through our range of scented and body care products. Our products are designed and produced in Scandinavia, inspired by our customs and traditions, with a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability at heart. Our designs are all made with Scandinavian leading designers, inspired by Scandinavian culture and traditions, simple yet aesthetically pleasing and suitable in any home. We partner with renowned suppliers and industry leaders in Scandinavia who share our commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring that each VANA product is made using the highest-quality ingredients and a rigorous testing process. Our attention to detail and quality is a key differentiator for us, and we believe that together with our brand value shines through our products and hopefully these lifestyle products take you to your personal journey of VANA, your routine, your custom.

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