Birch Bliss Hand Cream 75ml

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There’s a place where Scandinavians go to get warm, where the sizzling heat happily embrace them. A place where people can sit together in absolute silence, alone with their thoughts. This special place is the sauna. And for hundreds of years, it’s been used for cleansing, relaxing and rejuvenation. The air is filled with a fresh scent of birch from the soft branches used to gently beat the skin. This is an awakening, a way to make the blood run faster through your veins. A basket with rough, heated stones sits in the corner, drenched in water to boost the humidity. People will stay in the heat for as long as it takes to find peace of mind.



Extract the essence of white birch tree sap, inject nutrition and anti-aging ingredients into the skin, accelerate cell regeneration, and the unique formula of witch hazel and white willow bark extract is the secret to your healthy and shiny skin. Paired with a carefully configured green fragrance, the fresh fruity fragrance contains the energy of purification and rejuvenation of the birch tree, bringing complete relaxation and soothing to the body and mind. Let every use feel like the soft and translucent skin texture after taking a sauna bath, and fully feel the natural experience of being soothed and awakened in the Nordic forest.




Birch has excellent antioxidant and calming effects

Witch hazel enhances hydration while forming a protective layer

White willow bark provides an excellent astringent effect

Rapeseed oil and Sheabutter provide brightening and softening effect to the skin



Volume: 75ml

This product is made in Denmark with 93% ingredients of natural origin.