Birch Bliss Scented Diffuser 200ml

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There’s a place where Scandinavians go to get warm, where the sizzling heat happily embrace them. A place where people can sit together in absolute silence, alone with their thoughts. This special place is the sauna. And for hundreds of years, it’s been used for cleansing, relaxing and rejuvenation. The air is filled with a fresh scent of birch from the soft branches used to gently beat the skin. This is an awakening, a way to make the blood run faster through your veins. A basket with rough, heated stones sits in the corner, drenched in water to boost the humidity. People will stay in the heat for as long as it takes to find peace of mind.



Top: bergamot, orange, fig

Mid: cedarwood, spearmint, rhubarb

Base: musk, jasmine



Alcohol-free and ethylene glycol-free

Biodegradable reeds

High quality fragrance ingredients that complied to REACH



Container size diameter 8cm height 9cm

Diffuser 200ml (3+month)

Made in Sweden