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Soothing Sun Body Wash 300ml

Soothing Sun Body Wash 300ml

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The sky is true blue and the birds are singing joyfully. People are packing their picnic baskets, heading out to enjoy the woods, the fields, the beaches. Sitting on colourful blankets, sipping on homemade lemonade. Now and then they turn towards the sun, sighing, a smile on their faces. The season of light lies ahead. In Scandinavia everyone is free to roam, to explore nature and the wildlife. To swim in the lakes. Pick wild berries. Go hiking. Even spend the night. And as often as they can, people will be having picnics, enjoying nature. It doesn’t matter if the wind blows.


This is a naturally moisturizing, vegan, low-foaming transparent shower gel that is gentle to all skin types, leaving your skin soft and moisturized with drying out after wash.


Add precious cactus extract, which is rich in amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals, etc., provide the nutrition needed by the skin and bring vitality, the moisturizing effect of aloe vera, bring water and delicate texture after washing, bright and cheerful sunshine The aroma makes bathing full of joy, and the soft and bright skin touches like new skin shining in the sun.


Lather up into wet hands, massage hands or body thoroughly, then rinse with water.



This product is made in Denmark with 94% ingredients of natural origin and vegan certified.

Bottled in 100% r/PET


To support sustainability cause we pledge to demote 1% of the sales to 1% For the Planet.