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Fika no. 27 Brass

Fika no. 27 Brass

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Fika is a state of mind, an attitude, it is the reminder to make time to pause, to refresh, and to socialize. Fika may be a simple cake and coffee with your partner, or a candlelit feast with your friends and family. It’s simply a Scandinavian custom.


Halogen lightbulb heat efficiently melts candle wax pool to release fragrance.

Dial the switch to control lighting to your liking of aroma throw.

Using candle warmer to enjoy your candle takes away the smoke and flame issue.

Extra safety round the house with toddler and pet.

No more tunneling effect, prolong the life of your candle by 20%


Adjustable pole to fit all sizes of candles.

Cut out wood space to hold your candle at ease.

Extra fabric on the bottom of candle warmer to add friction.

Dial switch to cater to your lighting preference.


Size: diameter 17cm, gap 12~19cm

Fit for candle size within diameter 10cm and height 18cm

Voltage: 110-120V / 220-240V

Lightbulb: Halogen GU10 35W