Garden Harmony Scented Diffuser 200ml

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Five months of the year, the gardens of Scandinavia are asleep. The ground is frozen, and the flowers have withered. It’s quiet and still. In late March, winter begins to loosen its grip and you can hear the birds sing again. Nature is ready for a visit. The sun feels warm on everyone’s faces and it’s time to tend the garden, carefully removing the signs of winter. The roses wake up from their peaceful slumber. Slowly reaching for the sky, clinging on to the wall and waiting for their vibrant petals to return. Their sweet and earthy scent fills the air, a welcome hint about what’s to come. From now until autumn people spend time in their gardens.



Top: aldehydes, grass

Mid: rose, honey, strawberry

Base: musk, talcum powder, vanilla



Alcohol-free and ethylene glycol-free

Biodegradable reeds

High quality fragrance ingredients that complied to REACH



Container size diameter 8cm height 9cm

Diffuser 200ml (3+month)

Made in Sweden