Jukkasjärvi Scented Candle 210g

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made in Sweden.

JUK Jukkasjärvi – Bergamot Lilac - Woody

High elevation above Sweden’s major cities, Jukkasjärvi is a small lakeside village best known for its ice hotel. Reminiscent of cozy winter nights by the fire, this woody candle carries scents of bergamot and lemon peel. Escape the city and enter a deep relaxation with its notes of sandalwood, sparkling cinnamon and lilac.


/ Fragrance Notes
top notes - lemon peel, bergamot
meddle notes - calone, ylang ylang, lilac
base notes - sandlwaood, sparkling cinnamon


/ Made in Sweden / 100% Natural plant-based wax / 40 degrees Celsius melting point (children & pet-friendly) / Natural fragrance complied with REACH / 50hrs consistent high quality burn /