Malmö Scented Candle 210g

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made in Sweden.

MAL Malmö – Cypress Fig – Woody

A coastal city in southern Sweden, Malmö is a city rich with history and lush greenery. As an ode to its medieval roots and half-timbered houses, you’ll find fresh scents of juniper, green cognac, and lemon verbena. Take a journey down history and you’ll pick up notes of creamy sandalwood and fine leather too.


/ Fragrance Notes
top notes - juniper, green cognac, bamboo stalk
meddle notes - lemon verbena, Florentine iris, fig leaf
base notes - ambergris, creamy sandalwood, fine leather accents


/ Made in Sweden / 100% Natural plant-based wax / 40 degrees Celsius melting point (children & pet-friendly) / Natural fragrance complied with REACH / 50hrs consistent high quality burn /