Midsummer Dream Shampoo 300ml

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Midsummer is here, the longest day of the year. Winter is far away and people gather to celebrate the returning light, the beginning of summer. Leaving the cities behind, longing for the lush countryside. Children pick seven different kinds of flowers and jump over seven hedges – all in total silence, or the magic is broken. Tonight, the flowers will lie under their pillows, while they will dream about the person they will spend their life with. Or so they say. Outside the night and the darkness hesitates, the sun refusing to set. And children will keep picking their seven flowers for generations to come.



Combining seven herbal extracts with their own strengths, celebrating the vitality and vitality brought by the precious sunshine, horsetail, stinging nettle, sage and rosemary to revitalize scalp circulation and promote healthy hair growth; Hops effectively soothes a tight scalp. With woody green notes combined with a magical scent made of rich florals, every time you wash your hair, it seems to be immersed in the joy of midsummer celebration.



Horsetail extract helps strengthen hair

Sage, stinging nettle leaf and rosemary can activate scalp circulation

Balm mint, chamomile and hops soothe scalp and skin

Moisturizing ingredients helps keep scalp hydrated and restore luster



Volume: 300ml

This product is made in Denmark with 95% ingredients of natural origin.