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Winter Swim Facial Cleanser 125ml

Winter Swim Facial Cleanser 125ml

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It’s said to relieve stress and pain. Improve circulation and boost the immune system. It’s said to make you feel reborn, refreshed. Ready for whatever awaits you. It’s time to take a deep breath and gather courage. Sinking down in the dark water makes your body react, every inch is wide awake, ready to escape. The sensation is indescribable, incomparable. A few strokes and the cold is bearable. Nature is all around, clouds whirling by in the sky. The wind blowing gently in the trees. The scent of frozen flora and rich fir fills the air. Until spring, people will go winter swimming – an exhilarating escape that boosts body and mind.


This is a neutral daily facial cleanser containing soothing botanical ingredients that gently cleanse your skin, leaving it refreshed and moisturized. Lower foam ingredient suitable for all skin types and mildly cleanse without drying out your skin.


Based on nutritious grain formula, oatmeal extract is rich in protein, polysaccharides and vitamins. The unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E can moisturize the skin texture, restore vitality and elasticity, The delicate foam can gently clean the dirt on the skin, and the unique plant herbal aroma brings a fresh breath. It is like the refreshing and bright refreshing feeling after swimming in winter.


Use a desirable amount of cleansing gel to massage onto your damp skin, then rinse off with cold or warm water.



This product is made in Denmark with 99% ingredients of natural origin and vegan certified.

Bottled in 50% r/PET


To support sustainability cause we pledge to demote 1% of the sales to 1% For the Planet.